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Moisturizing in winter starts with washing your face every day

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many mm feel that their skin will be dry and tight after washing their face. How can they be clean and moisturizing? In fact, as long as the face washing method is right, choose moisturizing and moisturizing cleansing products, you can wash out hydrated skin! Xiaobian will tell you the correct face washing method in autumn and winter, so that your skin will be moist and moist in the winter!

correct face washing method in autumn and winter

A. hands must be cleaned before face washing. Dirty hands will have bacteria, which is easy to cause skin problems. After hand cleaning, take facial cleanser, gently beat it with your hand until foaming, and then apply it to your face.


B, smear the foam evenly on the face and gently push it away. If the oil is easily massaged 2~3 times, the dry part can be lightly worn. Remember, the time that facial cleanser stays on the face is limited to no more than 1 minute.

C. wash with water continuously. If it is still oily after washing, please repeat the above steps once.

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