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Winter skin care should eat the most beauty food

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do you want to know what women eat in winter? Here we collect all kinds of beauty foods that can maintain your skin well, so that you can eat beautiful and good skin in winter. These beauty foods are often seen or eaten in our daily life, so it's really convenient to rely on them for beauty maintenance.

mushrooms contain women's "beauty ace": selenium. Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging, and its effect in preventing wrinkles is worth looking forward to. He Lin, who has won an Emmy Award, said mushrooms are an essential dish on the table. Especially during the season change, in addition to adding special care products to open a small stove for the skin, we will also eat more foods with good antioxidant effects such as mushrooms and fungus. The oldest mushroom amber of


has a history of 100 million years. Mushrooms handed down from the age of dinosaurs have excellent anti-aging effects. They can make female estrogen more exuberant and are new weapons against aging. But mushrooms are cold food and can not be eaten more.

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has a beautiful face, which is the dream of all women, but not every woman has such good congenital conditions. Don't worry. Teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge, beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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