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30 years old Cougar will learn 10 skin anti aging lessons

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skin also has age. If you don't take good care of your skin, age will soon be written on your face. We all want to make the skin age show a very different gap from the actual age and keep the skin young, so don't skip these 10 maintenance classes for you who are 30 years old.

lesson 1: antioxidation

antioxidation to the skin is a vital skin care step to resist aging. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lotion and cream that contain antioxidants. However, their effects are consistent: reduce the damage of free radicals in the external environment to the skin, including ultraviolet rays, smoke and free radicals in the skin. Good antioxidant products should minimize damage and improve skin condition. The most effective antioxidant component of


is phloridin contained in coffee beans. This substance is composed of vitamin C and ferulic acid. Products containing idebenone distinguish skin care products before going to bed and in the morning, which helps all kinds of skin care products play their best role.

lesson 2: omnipotent vitamin a

most of today's beauty products contain powerful vitamin A or vitamin A. However, vitamin A contained in ordinary beauty products that can be purchased at the counter is not very targeted because it works together with many other active ingredients. If the skin care effect you require is only to improve skin quality and delay aging, such products can meet your needs.


if your own skin problems are serious, such as more and deeper wrinkles, excessive sun exposure, etc., you will need to use products with strong properties to achieve more obvious results. Professional products developed by dermatologists will be more targeted at the moment. When this kind of product is first used, the skin may feel tingling, but after a period of time, it can see obvious effects. Abroad, there are many such brands, which can be purchased by taking the opportunity of going abroad, such as ROC and philosophy; In China, there are brand choices such as feilikang and Dr. Brandt.

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has a beautiful face, which is the dream of all women, but not every woman has such good congenital conditions. Don't worry. I'll teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge, Beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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