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Seven tips for eating spicy food without acne

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spicy food is also a famous snack resort in China. Spicy is always accompanied by acne. How can we prevent acne from blossoming on our faces?

eat hot pot with more lemon slices

Chengdu is warm and upright, and so is the diet, especially the spicy and heavy taste of Sichuan cuisine and hot pot. These two are the top taboos of acne.


look around, the hot pot bottom is full of peppers and peppers, and they are sweating. Even so, there are still countless delicious people who enjoy the beauty of eating hot pot. They say, "hot pot is fun. The hotter it is, the more comfortable it is. Acne, it's normal to grow a few. Quit eating in two days and eat some light ones to eliminate it." 。

in fact, adding a little lemon slices to the bottom of the hot pot can not only reduce the spicy oil, but also improve the "unique flavor" of the hot pot.


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