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The secret of not being dry in winter

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who doesn't want to be a moist woman, with moist facial skin and moist body skin, which is beautiful enough to give people a fresh and dazzling winter crystal beauty. However, in dry winter, you must spend some energy to resist the full attack of dryness. In the winter moisturizing plan, different moisturizing methods are adopted in different parts to make the skin no longer fall into the dry mud and easily become a dazzling moisturizing girl in winter!

one of the hardest hit areas of dryness: the dryness of the eyes

is probably the first to be felt. At the moment when the autumn wind rises, it seems that the small fine lines around the eyes are hidden. On colder days, the indoor air conditioning is hot everywhere, and you don't dare to laugh. At this time, there is no other way but to study harder and do nursing frequently.


winter skin care products are condensed into blocks, and their activity is affected. Especially when getting up early, it is very uncomfortable to use cold and stiff eye cream. It is recommended to warm your hands in hot water first, and then massage the eye cream in circles after melting the warm fingers. You might as well increase the massage time to increase the absorption of nutrition.

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