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How to make your skin no longer dry and chapped in winter

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the weather is dry in winter and people's skin is dry. So what can you do to make your skin tender in winter?


skin are the first line of defense on the surface of the human body. If the skin surface is damaged, not only bacteria, viruses and other pathogens will drive straight in without blocking, making people sick, but also because the defense on the skin surface is weakened, opening the channel on the skin surface of the body, making it easy for allergens to enter, inducing allergic diseases such as allergic skin diseases, affecting the function of hands and feet. In dry winter, you must learn the magic trick to deal with chapped skin. Due to abnormal keratinization metabolism on the skin surface, or skin infection with fungi, or skin allergy, skin lesions, such as tinea manus and pedis and eczema, can cause epidermal cuticle hyperplasia, loss of elasticity, brittle cuticle of the skin, resulting in epidermal chapped and bleeding. Chapped skin often occurs in the following situations. 1. Diseases with abnormal metabolism of congenital epidermal keratosis, such as ichthyosis and palmoplantar keratosis, cause chapped skin due to excessive epidermal keratosis, lack of oil and loss of elasticity. 2. For children, women and the elderly with dry skin, the oil secretion on the skin surface decreases and lacks. In winter, the weather is dry, especially the skin of hands and feet is easy to dry and chapped. 3. People who often use soap and washing powder and workers who often contact gasoline, kerosene, coal, lime and cement are prone to dryness and chapping of hands and feet due to the loss of sebum. 4. Due to endocrine disorders, some women (young women and menopausal women) are prone to palmar keratosis, resulting in chapped hands and feet. 5. Some people with allergic skin diseases have eczema on hands and feet, especially chapped eczema. The skin loses normal function, sebum secretion is reduced, and the skin is thickened and keratinized, which is prone to chapped hands and feet. 6. As the skin is infected with fungi, such as Trichophyton rubrum, which causes chronic infection, skin inflammation, abnormal epidermal keratosis, excessive keratosis of hands and feet, and thickening of skin cutin, chapping is easy to occur in winter. In case of chapped skin, in addition to using the above anti chapped drugs to restore the skin to normal, we should also find out the cause of disease, correct bad habits and improve the working environment. At the same time, we need to add some drugs according to different causes: 1. There are tinea manus and pedis, keratosis allergy and chapped skin. In addition to anti chapped drugs, we can also use new antifungal drugs, such as prednisone, Meike, Fuqi, Huanli, lanmeishu ointment, etc. 2. For those with chapped eczema, in addition to anti chapped drugs, they can also use hormone ointment, such as yudrol (hydrocortisone butyrate), clofluroxol ointment, alonson ointment, etc.

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