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Let the diet help you rebuild your attractive skin

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as the saying goes, one white covers all the ugly. Every female friend wants to have a good face. Let the diet therapy help.

  Do you want to have the same skin as "white, red and different"? Now I'll teach you some methods of "complexion" dietotherapy. Then first of all, please suit the medicine to the case and find out the cause of your yellowish complexion. In addition, complexion "" is a long-term "project". Only by perseverance can we receive satisfactory results! The complexion is dark and yellow. The food therapy formula includes an appropriate amount of tomato, cucumber, lemon and fresh rose petals. After washing, they are combined to squeeze the juice, and then add honey to drink at any time. Tomato and cucumber are rich in vitamin C and glutathione (a peptide composed of glutamate, cysteine and glycine, which plays an important role in activating some biological enzymes and biological redox process). Lemon is rich in citric acid. Drinking this juice often can promote skin metabolism, eliminate pigmentation and make skin delicate, white and tender. This prescription is more effective for dark yellow complexion caused by metabolic dysfunction. The face is waxy yellow. The diet prescription is 100g of Japonica Rice and 50g of mung beans. Clean it, add water and boil it into porridge. Add pig liver tablets (100g amount) before coming out of the pot. The pig liver is cooked and rotten. Take it three times a day. This prescription has the effects of clearing heat and nourishing blood, cleaning skin and removing yellow. It is suitable for sallow complexion caused by blood deficiency and weak Qi. Yellow complexion diet prescription: 30g sour jujube kernel, 15g longan meat, 10g brown sugar and 100g japonica rice. Wash the first two flavors, cut into small pieces, together into the pot, add Japonica Rice (wash clean) and 1000 grams of water boiled congee, before the pot into brown sugar, eat sooner or later. This prescription has the effects of Tonifying the heart and spleen, calming the mind and moistening the skin. It is suitable for dry skin and yellow complexion caused by insufficient Qi and blood in the heart and spleen. The complexion is earthy yellow. Dry the fresh peach blossom in the shade, soak it in wine, take it 15 days later, and drink 15 ml a day. This prescription has the effects of soothing the liver, relieving depression, promoting qi and activating blood circulation. It is applicable to the sallow and dry complexion caused by liver qi and blood circulation. It can eliminate facial chloasma and make the face as white as jade. The complexion is gray and yellow. 200g chestnuts are shelled and cut. Cook them with an appropriate amount of duck soup, and then add 200g cabbage and a little refined salt as the main course. Duck soup nourishes Yin and nourishes deficiency, chestnuts strengthen the spleen and kidney, and cabbage nourishes Yin and moistens dryness. Regular eating can improve the dark and yellow complexion caused by kidney qi loss and dry Yin liquid. It is also effective in reducing skin dark spots and eliminating black circles under the eyes. The face is withered and yellow. 200g sea cucumber with water hair is cut into strips, sliced with 100g fresh bamboo shoots, put it in the pot, add 50g thin shredded meat and an appropriate amount of water to stew, and finally add refined salt to taste. Sea cucumber nourishes Yin and blood, bamboo shoots clear heat and remove fire, lean meat is beneficial to Qi and strengthen the body, and eating it often is more effective for anemia and yellowing, which can make the complexion bright and moist.

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