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What can you do to keep your skin from aging in autumn and winter

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in autumn and winter, the skin is generally dry and easy to relax and age, so what should be done at this time? The season of


is the most bleak time of the year. The skin is getting older faster than any season. It is dull, relaxed and wrinkled... We want to restore the beauty of our skin to its original health and beauty, always maintain the perfect state of youth and health, and do 9 things together.


exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove the summer "garbage",


. The sweating summer makes the cuticle thicker and "garbage" accumulate. The skin looks like a few years old and rough. If you want to make your skin soft, smooth and charming, you must exfoliate regularly.


oils and acne skin are made of granular physical exfoliating products, or chemical family rejuvenation based on salicylic acid. The key way to exfoliate dry and sensitive skin is to be gentle. You can use the wiping skin conditioning lotion combined with a cotton pad. This is also the most popular DIY acidic skin rejuvenation in the maintenance industry. It looks like a simple toner, but it can remove thick cutin and brighten skin, and stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the dermis.

every day a moisturizing mask adhere to a week

hot summer, the water loss rate of the skin is almost 2 times that of the spring and autumn season. The lack of water in the epidermis will produce dry, rough, dull phenomenon, and further produce false wrinkles. If you do not pay attention to the appropriate amount of oil and moisture, it will form a really hard to remove wrinkles. At the same time, it will also reduce the skin's resistance, make the skin easy to become inflamed and allergic, and accelerate the aging process. From now on, every day a moisturizing mask will last for a week. It can replenish the skin's moisture quickly and effectively.

massage to promote blood circulation 2-3 times a week

find 2-3 nights a week. After cleansing and toning, use massage cream with whitening and beautifying effect to massage the skin for 5 minutes, promote blood circulation in the skin, boost metabolism, further remove horny and other old wastes, and increase skin resistance, Make the skin glow tender and young. Gently draw a long line with the tip of your finger, and then draw a circle on the skin with your finger. Pay attention to the right way, without being too light or too heavy. You can also beat the skin rhythmically with your finger belly like playing the piano, and then press the soft part of your thumb and fingertip along the meridians and blood vessels of your face. Then apply the mask, nutrient absorption is more effective.


replace simple oil control products with pore tightening products.


make the pores of the skin become thick in summer. The originally tight circular pores become teardrop shaped thick pores. The thickening of the skin and the loss of elasticity of the skin have a great relationship with the expansion of the pores. At this time, simple oil control products can not improve the skin, but also need multiple repair products to resist pore aging. The

plus the essence of a compact face


will also cause breakage of skin elastic fibers, resulting in loose skin and decreased elasticity when exposed to severe sunlight and oxidation. Instead of trying hard to find a good way to remove wrinkles, think about how to keep your skin tight, and it's much faster and easier than removing wrinkles. You need an effective compact essence, which contains many rare and pure plant extracts, and has injected excellent cutting-edge technology. Your tight face will instantly make you look a lot younger.

replace the night cream with the formula

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