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How to prevent wrinkles

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some people of the same age look several years worse, so what foods can make us wrinkle later?


to deal with forehead wrinkles, in addition to changing bad living habits, maintaining a cheerful good mood and choosing appropriate nursing products, a reasonable diet can also help you in the anti wrinkle war.

what food makes us wrinkle easily? Canned beef, canned fish, salad dressing, coffee, foods that have been frozen for too long, scallops, dried shrimps, frozen shrimps, chocolate, cakes, instant noodles, fried foods, etc. are all foods that are easy to wrinkle you. When buying food, pay attention to the manufacturing date, especially frozen and fried food. Once expired, it will deteriorate and have a great impact on the skin. Medical experts remind that eating too much salt is easy to wrinkle.

diet prevents forehead wrinkles

the following tips can help you prevent wrinkles:

when frying food, you should add a coat on the outside of the food. This coat can be made of flour, eggs, sesame, coriander powder, etc.

when frying meat, it should be mixed with scallions, coriander or leeks. When frying fish and meat, it can be wrapped with green vegetables and thrown into the oil pan. The fried food should be dipped in radish mud and garlic mud.


eat more steamed things, such as steamed eggs and fish, eat more boiled things, eat less fried, fried and roasted food, eat fresh vegetables half a lifetime as much as possible, and eat roasted fish with mashed radish and lettuce; When eating barbecue, eat more lettuce.

in order to keep your youth, you must remember the following food names: chicken skin, fish, caviar, shrimp sauce, oyster, animal liver, mushroom, fungus, pollen, etc. They are rich in elastic fibers or nucleic acids, which help keep the skin smooth.

[[editor's recommendation: let diet help you rebuild attractive skin]]

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