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How to nourish and resist aging in winter

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every woman hopes that aging will come later, so how can nourishing delay aging?


are busy in winter. Many hospitals and pharmacies in Shanghai have quietly seen a lot of Aizi. In addition, American ginseng, eggs, royal jelly... In the female area, shape supplements also began to fill them. Recently, Dr. Huang Ying, author of the best-selling health book "listen to your hormones" and an American anti-aging expert, came to Shanghai to make health design for many love sex, and warned everyone that instead of taking a lot of supplements, it is better to start with tonic, because only tonic is the key to enhancing human resistance.


choose dietary supplements according to their physique.


women can be divided into four different dietary supplements according to different physique:


flat supplements: refers to foods that are peaceful in nature, can be eaten by healthy people or patients, and help maintain health and life, such as cereals, beans, milk, fruits and vegetables. This kind of food has peaceful performance. It can be eaten by patients with Yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, Qi deficiency and blood deficiency.


warm tonic: it refers to warm food, such as beef, mutton, eel, sweets, red dates, longan, litchi, onion and ginger. Women who are afraid of cold in winter often eat this kind of food, which can help raise the fire, improve the feeling of fear of cold, and enhance their physique.


are cold foods, such as pears, raw lotus roots, celery, lilies, mung beans, cucumbers, soft shelled turtles and snails, which can clear away fire.


Wensan refer to spicy and hot foods, such as pepper, cinnamon, mustard, coriander, pepper, etc. This kind of food has the function of Warming Yang and dispersing cold. In cold winter, it is often used to keep out the cold and dehumidification. Common types of


can be adjusted on demand. Dr. Huang Ying, a nutrition expert of


, created a 3:4:3 balanced diet as early as the 1990s. 3: The 4:3 diet is based on 30% energy from protein foods, 40% energy from carbohydrate foods, and the remaining 30% from beneficial fat foods. Fundamentally speaking, 3:4:3 diet uses food to control the content of insulin in the body, so as to improve the communication, cooperation and normal operation of hormones.

the following are the health tips Dr. Huang made for several types of women:

dry skin: you need to supplement beneficial fatty acids to supplement skin moisture and restore skin elasticity. Specific conditioning methods: supplement 400IU of vitamin E or deep-sea fish oil, such as salmon, silver cod, etc. Easy to gain "fat": pay special attention to insulin and eat less rice, flour, bread and sweet food as much as possible; You can eat more fruits, such as grapefruit. You can add half of grapefruit fresh juice in each meal. In addition, pay attention not to eat two hours before going to bed at night, and supplement a small cup of yogurt and light soybean milk at most.

bean sprout dish type: it needs to supplement rich protein, such as mutton and beef. It needs to eat lean red meat, peeled chicken and other poultry meat two or three times a week.

eat also choose the environment

in addition to the eating time, the eating environment is also ignored by many people. In a stressful environment, diet will increase the secretion of stress hormones, which are the key hormones to accelerate aging. So, what kind of dietary environment is a stressful dietary environment? In Dr. Huang's opinion, eating while waiting for a car, driving, walking and squeezing a car; Eat while working, talking and thinking; Eating while watching TV is not a good eating environment.

so, "eat when it's time to eat", and focus on eating. Try to find a quiet and relaxed environment, focus all your attention on food, and savor the enjoyment that food brings to your body and mind, which is also conducive to stimulating the mood that brings us joy β- The secretion of endorphins is also conducive to the self-control of food intake.

some people will vent through diet when they encounter problems or setbacks in their new words, which will further increase the level of stress hormones and aggravate the imbalance and aging of the body.

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