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Eight Tips to stop your lips from drying

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 2 0

in winter, the climate is dry, the skin is dry, and the lips are easy to dry. So how to protect the lips in winter?

"people's lip skin has no cuticle, which is equivalent to being in an unprotected state." Chang Jianmin, chief physician of Dermatology Department of Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of health, said, "the decrease of humidity in the air will also take away the moisture on the lips first." therefore, lip protection in winter is very important. Starting from some small life details, you can give your lips the best protection. Tip 1: Lipstick choice is simple: now there are many kinds of lip gloss on the market. They are packaged, boxed, and have different flavor, texture and efficacy. The price ranges from several yuan to several hundred yuan. "Buy lip balm, choose simple ingredients. Just contain glycerin and other basic moisturizing ingredients, which can protect your lips." Chang Jianmin suggested. Tip 2: dry lips: in dry weather, lips are easier to dry. Many people like to lick with their tongue to alleviate dryness. In fact, this practice is wrong. Licking lips will only keep the lip skin temporarily moist, because saliva contains amylase, and the evaporation of water left on the lips will aggravate its dryness, resulting in "the more licked, the more dry". If the tongue keeps licking the lips, the bacteria in saliva will be brought into the crack and cause infection, forming licking sores. Tip 3: avoid spicy food: spicy food will stimulate lips and worsen dryness. Some foods, such as abnormal spicy roasted wings, the chili powder on them will strongly stimulate the lip mucosa, leading to ulceration and even blisters. Tip four: use lipstick to get the best way: before going out, before lipstick and before going to bed, use lip balm containing vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E oil, and have good moisturizing and repairing functions. Then gently press the lips with soft tissue paper to achieve double effect. Tip five: the number of lip balms should not be excessive: the average person uses 1 to 3 times a day. Lips are especially dry, can be coated with lip balm immediately after eating or drinking. Tip 6: don't peel your lips: don't peel them off by hand, which may tear your lips; First apply hot towels for 3 to 5 minutes, then wipe off the dead skin on the lips with a soft brush, then apply lip balm. The lips are always dry. It's best not to wear lipstick. Tip 7: skillfully make Vaseline Lip Mask: apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your lips; According to the needs of the lips, cut the appropriate size of fresh-keeping film and apply it on the lips, so that the moisture can be locked into the lips. On the lips covered with plastic wrap, cover them with a hot towel and stay for about 10-20 minutes; Gently massage the lips that have just been hot pressed with your fingers, and gently tap from the middle of your lips to the outside like playing the piano. Tip eight: homemade vitamin E Honey Lip Balm: properly smear some vitamin E to your lips to keep your lips healthy and smooth. Honey is also good for lip care. The specific method is to use a spoonful of honey and several vitamin E capsules, puncture the capsule with a needle, and squeeze the vitamin E solution into the honey; Stir the mixture into a light yellow paste; Take a little with a cotton swab and gently wipe it on your lips before going to bed.


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