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How to eat whitening in winter

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        Women should take more care of themselves in winter. Come and see how to whiten and keep healthy in winter!

nutritious breakfast makes you white outstanding

this is not a new problem. So I told her as usual that breakfast should include three types of food:

1 starch foods, such as bread, porridge, noodles, steamed stuffed buns, pancakes, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

2 foods rich in high-quality protein, such as milk, soybean milk, bean curd, dried bean curd, eggs, cooked meat and so on.

3 foods rich in fiber, vitamin C and minerals, including all kinds of less oily fruits and vegetables.

I put forward a new suggestion to her: it's best to add a handful of nuts to breakfast. And with a lovely name: Squirrel breakfast.

it's not difficult to be a squirrel in the morning. You can peel a handful of nuts while watching TV the first day. Of course, the more convenient way is to simply buy some nuts that have been shelled. Now there are many shelling products on the market, such as large almonds, walnut kernels, pine nuts, cashew nuts, peanut kernels and so on. When eating, just take a spoon and put them in your mouth.

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