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Which parts of moisturizing are most likely to be ignored

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enter winter, the climate is dry and cold, and some skin problems are easy to occur, so moisturizing in winter is very important, but moisturizing care for some parts is easy to be ignored by us. Let's take a look at the parts.


not only moisturize the face carefully enough, but also ignore other details that should not be forgotten? 80% of women forget to moisturize these parts. They may not often be remembered by you, but they are enough to support your perfect skin from the inside to the outside. Don't let them be left out in the cold, give them the same care as baby faces!

moisturizing blind area 1: eyebrow heart

symptoms: peeling


literacy: avoid eye cream smear cream, do not forget to take care of eyebrows and eyebrows, especially eyebrows can be repeated several times.


moisturizing blind area 2: symptoms of


behind the ear: tight


cause: the skin here is very sensitive, and this place is mostly selected to test the degree of allergy when trying cosmetics, so it is easy to tighten the face skin due to dryness and produce discomfort.

literacy: after maintaining your face, don't forget to apply some moisturizing cream around your ears, and then gently massage with both hands, which also helps to relieve nervous tension.

moisturizing blind area 3: nose

symptoms: peeling, redness and pruritus

cause: the most dense part of sebaceous glands in the whole body, even dry skin will secrete oil here, but it will be dry in winter due to excessive care.


eliminate illiteracy: reduce the frequency of nasal membrane care and feel too much oil.

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moisturizing blind area 4: corner of the eye

symptoms: wrinkle

cause: to see through a person's age, choose eyes. It can be seen how weak the skin in this part is, and it is most vulnerable to environmental impact and dry lines.

literacy: it is important to choose the appropriate eye cream and massage with the ring finger of both hands. The strength of this finger is most suitable for massaging the eyes. Do eye mask once a week.

moisturizing blind area 5: neck

symptoms: rough

cause: like eyes, the neck will reveal the secret of age at the first time. The skin here connects the face and body, which is key and special.

literacy: select special neck cream and massage the neck from bottom to top to effectively avoid skin relaxation and horizontal lines. Especially in autumn and winter, adhering to neck massage can not only relieve fatigue, but also help neck blood circulation, tighten skin and improve contour. It is worth noting that the neck skin is thin and has poor elasticity. When massaging, the action must be gentle and moderate, otherwise it will backfire.

moisturizing blind area 6: elbow and knee

symptoms: chapped

causes: regular activities, friction with clothes, affect the normal breathing of the skin and become dry.


literacy: select high-quality Body Moisturizing Cream, apply it emphatically, repeat it several times and massage gently to strengthen the penetration of nutrition.

1. Try not to use soap or medicinal soap, because the oil on the skin surface has a protective effect. If the oil is washed too thoroughly, it will naturally lead to dryness and cracking. In cold weather, you should also appropriately reduce the number of baths.

2. Wipe dry immediately after washing and apply moisturizing cream. There are many oil moisturizing creams. Vitamin E cream, vaseline and glycerin produced by the hospital can prevent chapping.

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