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4 anti wrinkle moves to make the years seamless

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mature skin is easily tired and difficult to repair. Even at the end of a day, fine creases will appear at the end of the eyes. This is the danger warning of skin fragility. If you don't face this problem in time, your fine lines will move towards deeper static wrinkles. Try to learn the following 4 anti wrinkle methods to make the years and months seamless!

it is every woman's dream to have a face that can't see age.

neglect maintenance and be careful of wrinkles. When climbing up the face,

children will also have expression lines such as smile lines and head lifting lines, but once the expression is restored, the lines will disappear; As you grow older, you will find that there are fine creases at the end of the eyes all day, and the skin is particularly tired, but as long as you have a good rest and sleep, it will be fine the next day. This kind of temporary expression lines that have not really been finalized are mainly caused by the lack of water and poor elasticity of the skin. They most often appear on the thinnest but most used lower eyelids, although they are not wrinkles, However, it means that the skin has begun to become fragile. If it is not well maintained, the expression lines will soon move towards static wrinkles.

in addition, you will also find that originally only the T-shaped pores were large, but now even the pores on the cheeks next to the nose gradually grew and expanded, forming an elliptical water drop shape. This is also because we constantly make expressions to squeeze the skin. When the moisturizing degree is not enough and the skin begins to relax, the skin around the pores is easy to be pulled and deformed, and will become a line over time, Then form fine lines.


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