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Large market point of wrong skin care problems for oily skin

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cosmetics and skin care methods are determined for different skin. What are the misunderstandings of oily skin in skin care? Now let's take a look. Oily skin in


lacks water in winter and oil in summer. They often unknowingly enter the misunderstanding of skin care, making skin problems more and more serious. Misunderstanding 1 of


: using toner can shrink pores.

error. Just using toner is not enough. Only by starting with the causes of large pores, inhibiting oil secretion from the root and dredging hair follicle channels can we achieve twice the result with half the effort. Misunderstanding 2 of


: when you get older, the oil secretion will decrease, so the pore problem will be solved naturally.

error. The pore structure itself has no flexibility. When there is too much oil accumulation in the hair follicle channel for a long time, it will cause the hair follicle channel to expand for a long time. At this time, even if the oil secretion is reduced, the hair follicle channel will not return to its original state. At the same time, with the increase of age, the fibrous structure of the dermis gradually loses elasticity, resulting in a sudden decrease in the external pressure of the hair follicle channel, which will exacerbate the problem of large pores. Therefore, the problem of large pores in oily / mixed skin can not be ignored. Misunderstanding 3 of


: Night Cream is usually greasy and not suitable for oily / mixed skin.

error. This is a misunderstanding. The study found that sebaceous glands are more active at night. Therefore, oily / mixed skin especially needs to use special skin care products at night, so as to more effectively inhibit oil secretion, reduce the oily light on the skin surface during the day, and effectively alleviate skin problems such as acne, oily light and large pores. Misunderstanding 4 of


: the skin gloss is more serious during the day, so I pay more attention to the skin oil control care during the day.

error. The oily light on the skin surface during the day is secreted by the sebaceous glands at night. Therefore, only targeted nursing at night can more effectively control the oily light on the skin surface during the day. Misconception of


5: there is a night cream with fat protection, and only use cream without oil formula during the day.

error. According to the characteristics of sebaceous glands, oily / mixed skin needs to use different cream at night and during the day to improve the skin problem:

night: inhibit sebaceous gland activity, reduce oil secretion, reduce the second day skin gloss on the skin.

during the day: control the oily surface of the skin and make the skin present an ideal matte color.

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