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Do you know what misunderstandings exist in morning skin care

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women spend most of their time on skin care in the morning, so effective skin care methods are very important. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings of morning skin care. The wrong cleansing method of

No.1 can sometimes become an obstacle to skin care. Sebum and sweat can also contaminate the skin during

sleep, The basic selection method of facial washing products is to select products suitable for skin conditions. The skin is particularly dry and rough, and facial washing products can sometimes become a burden on the skin. Adjusting the cleansing method according to your skin is an ideal form of "morning beauty".

in addition, in order to make the "protective screen" of the skin play a full role, it is not appropriate to "go too far" in the morning. Washing your face twice in the morning will hurt your skin. If you feel dry in the morning, you can avoid facial cleanser and only clean it with water. Because repeating the same process every day will also have a negative effect.

No.2 multi-layer use of anti ultraviolet cosmetics will not enhance the anti ultraviolet effect.

even how many layers of anti ultraviolet cosmetics can not prevent it from falling off. Therefore, the choice of cosmetics depends not only on its anti ultraviolet effect, but also on its strong adhesion and easy falling off. Because adhesion is directly related to how long your morning makeup will last.

No.3 when washing the cleanser, gently knead it at least 30 times. Excessive kneading of

is harmful to the skin, but light kneading is helpful to skin care! Because the cleanser itself has cleaning ingredients, it has the characteristics of adhering to the skin and dissolving dirt. If the purpose of cleaning is achieved by rubbing the skin hard, the skin will be excessively dry and the resistance and protection of the skin may be reduced. Because the cleanser contains oil and other components, it should be cleaned at least 30 times.


No.4, makeup before smear cream,


oil mixture and water mixture can establish skin protection layer, which is indispensable for ideal skin. However, after applying makeup oil, you always feel that your skin is oily. In order to make your skin fully absorb, you should stay longer before makeup. If there is still residue on the surface of your skin, wipe it gently with facial tissue paper.

No.5 is a bridge between "morning beauty" and "night beauty".

and "morning beauty" are protective umbrellas against skin erosion caused by harsh environment, "night beauty" is to repair damaged cells, and "day beauty" is a bridge between the two.


are like some eye medicine when your eyes are dry; When the skin is thirsty, give her "water". Moisturizing spray is often prepared around the body to quench thirst for the skin. This perseverance can also delay skin aging.

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