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The quality of sex is directly related to the efficacy of beauty

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can not only get physical, but also be conducive to physical health and beauty efficacy. They are first-class beauticians. No matter what cosmetics and skin care products, as long as they have beauty function, some people believe and give generously.

people love beauty more and more. No matter what cosmetics and skin care products, as long as they have beauty function, some people believe in them and give generously. Relying solely on cosmetics and skin care products, people feel that they are not coming fast, so rhinoplasty, wrinkle removal, breast augmentation and other methods came into being. In this movement of pursuing beauty, women have always been at the forefront. But in recent years, men are not willing to be outdone, painting and dressing up carefully. Everyone has a love of beauty, and there is no need to criticize it, but it is not enough to rely solely on physical methods to retain the appearance of youth. People with life experience know that if a person is worried, he will become haggard and naturally look very old. Wu Zixu's beard and hair turned white overnight. On the contrary, if a person is happy and energetic, he will look particularly young. When we see artists over 50 years old active on the stage, we tend to be both amazed and envious of their young looks. The reason is that they often maintain a young psychology. It goes without saying that in people's daily life, an important reason to maintain spiritual happiness is harmony. According to a survey in China, it has a great impact on people's mood and even changes their character after marriage. Among the 284 remarried respondents, 52% reported that they were depressed because of dissatisfaction in their first marriage. Unhappy mood is bound to accelerate people's aging. It is not nonsense, but has scientific basis and is proved by statistical data. When the human body is in a happy mood, the activities of its internal organs will change. For example, the heart will beat more evenly and forcefully, the breathing will be stable, the ventilation will increase, the peristalsis of intestinal smooth muscle will accelerate, and the secretion of gastric juice will increase, which is conducive to digestion and absorption. These changes can obviously promote human health. If you are unhappy, of course, these changes will not happen, and your health will become a problem. Let's look at those who live long. Their existence itself is the best proof. In addition to having good habits in life, the vast majority of longevity people are husband and wife, living a harmonious life and having a happy spirit. For those with long-term disharmony between husband and wife, the life expectancy of men should be shortened by 12 years and that of women by 6 years. The average man who lives alone is shorter than the married man on average 15~20 years, and the incidence rate of heart disease, hypertension and cirrhosis is obviously higher. A harmonious life can make people happy, which does not need to be proved. Most people have personal experience in this regard. And being happy can keep people young in a relative state. This is a common daily phenomenon, and people will not doubt it. But what is the truth? This may not be clear to everyone. First of all, when men and women are ready for sexual contact, they are mostly in a happy emotional state. Driven by this emotion, both men and women will be willing to dress up younger. For example, women can't help making up, and men should shave their beard. These modifications will naturally make people look particularly young. Secondly, people generally have to touch a lot before. Human skin also has a metabolic phenomenon. Regular stimulation can prevent skin aging. One of the bodybuilding methods is to often rub the facial skin, which can play the role of anti-aging. Kissing and touching in the, just inadvertently combined with it. Moreover, the feeling of sharing sexual experience with their loved ones and the intoxicating feeling will stimulate the human autonomic nervous system and promote the vigorous secretion of sex hormones, which have a significant impact on the formation of female characteristics. After the secretion of sex hormones increases, women's skin will become more white and delicate. Most women's nails will become both shiny and elastic, their hair is soft and bright, and even acne on their faces will disappear. This phenomenon can often be found in newly married women. In addition, in the process, due to the acceleration of blood circulation and breathing rhythm and the increase of body temperature, the facial skin will appear ruddy than usual, the water in cell tissue will increase, the skin will fill up, and the wrinkles will reduce or even disappear. Many men have found that their wives will look much more beautiful than before. Is a first-class beautician, which is indeed a wise saying.

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