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What makeup methods can refresh your skin

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skin will have more and more problems with age, so how to make your skin refreshing? Here are some good ways to refresh your skin.

1. Drink to quickly relieve facial swelling: if you sleep too late at night, your cheeks will be swollen the next morning. At this time, you might as well drink a drink containing it first to accelerate the discharge of water from your body, and then wash your face with cold water to tighten your tired skin.

2. Let the pouch disappear quickly: apply a cotton pad dipped in frozen fresh milk and shrinkage water on the eyes, and then wash it with cold water after 5 ~ 10 minutes, which will help to reduce the swollen eye belly.


3. use more moisturizing cream: tired skin is always thirsty, like water less plants need more moisture to nourish. So try to use some moisturizing cream as much as possible, and then penetrate into the skin on the first layer and then apply it repeatedly. Don't worry that the refreshing moisturizing cream will clog your pores.

4. Try Brightening Lotion: before make-up, apply the Brightening Lotion evenly and gently massage the skin, which can make the dull skin fresh and bright, quickly replenish water, soften the skin, enhance the skin's ability to absorb whitening ingredients, and make the skin radiant and bright after use.


5., cover up the foundation color of weariness: not all foundation can make you become more colorful. The color of the foundation is very important. It is recommended to use peach colored, gray brown and amber series of warm color foundation and fill with translucent powder on it to hide your weariness.


6. light liquid foundation: the texture of the bottom makeup must be thin to avoid the appearance of floating powder or makeup off after makeup. When creating natural nude make-up, it is better to use sponge to make up the makeup, because it can absorb too many foundation, making the bottom makeup look lighter and natural.


7. light touch foundation makes the face shine instantly: when setting makeup, you can try the foundation with light refracting particles, which can be used to modify the weariness. Make the skin emit bright luster, but not thick, and still maintain the skin's sense of transparency.

8. emulsion mixed Concealer: in order to make the skin's color quickly appear smooth and gloss, you can mix the liquid concealer and the emulsion in the 1:3 ratio as the makeup artist, then apply it under the eyes and around the nose. Wherever it is, it will make the skin look perfect.

9. cleverly conceals dark circles: lack of sleep may cause dark circles. For second days, prepare a light Concealer with a light texture and moisturizing property. Use a small concealer brush to dip into a proper amount of concealer, then gently draw a line on the most peripheral part of the black rim of the eye, then push it evenly through the fingers, and finally press a little honey powder.


10., massage on the side of the make-up with the foundation of the powder. When you make up your makeup, you can use the thick diamond shaped sponge, starting from the forehead, vertically and quickly to the center of the nose and the sides of the cheek, because the sponge is thick, big and elastic, which can play a good massage role and make the bottom makeup special.

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