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What foods will make your skin firm

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the first sign of young skin is skin firmness. What foods do older women eat to make your skin firmer?

if you want to be young and compact, you should not only wipe it externally, but also pay attention to what you eat. The following is a list of foods conducive to firmness.

fish: the secret of skin firmness

nothing is more effective than eating fish to have young and tight skin. Fish contains a magical chemical substance, which can act on the muscles under the epidermis to make the muscles more compact, and the epidermis will naturally be tight and elastic. Nutrition experts believe that as long as you eat 100-200 grams of fish every day, you can feel the significant improvement of facial and neck muscles within a week.

beef: give you a good face.

beef contains a lot of zinc, which can maintain the oil balance of the skin, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, and let you have a bright complexion. Eating 250 grams of beef every day can supplement you with 15 mg of zinc, which basically meets the daily needs of the human body. When eating beef, don't forget to match it with some onions. Onions contain almost all the nutrients in most vegetables. Such as vitamin C, calcium. Phosphorus. In addition, onions also contain quercetin, which can reduce the redness or swelling of the skin around the nose of the eyes.

chicken: make the show shine

shiny hair makes you look younger and full of healthy charm. If you want your hair to be healthy, you can't help but give your hair enough nutrition. How to nourish your hair? Eat chicken! Chicken contains a substance called methionine, which is important for the health of hair, skin and nails. Without it, the hair will become fragile, easy to bifurcate and have no luster. Therefore, to get healthy hair, you should eat chicken at least three times a week. In addition to chicken, corn, cereal and even chocolate have the same effect.

almonds: give you diamond like nails.

ten fingers are like jade onions, but you can't destroy this beauty with gray or yellow nails. Pink, bright and hard nails are healthy and good-looking nails. Eat two handfuls of almonds a day and you'll get the vitamin e your body needs. Vitamin E is called the "secret weapon" of cell membrane. By repairing and consolidating cell wall, it can make nails tough and shiny. In addition, vitamin E has also been proved to have the effects of anti-aging and improving immunity. So don't underestimate your snacks.

Apple: eat white teeth

do you believe it? If everyone insists on eating an apple every day, dentists all over the world will lose their jobs. The reason is that fruits rich in fiber need more time to chew. In the process of chewing, you will secrete a lot of saliva, and saliva is the best protector of teeth. It can prevent tooth decay and prevent bacteria from adhering to the teeth, making it easier for the teeth to keep clean for a long time. In addition, researchers also found a large number of mineral elements in saliva, which can repair early tooth decay.

eggs: natural sunscreen

if you want to bask in the sun, you might as well eat some eggs in addition to sunscreen. Eggs contain a lot of selenium. Its function is to build a natural "sunscreen protective layer" on your face. Amy, you must know that sunlight is an important reason for skin aging, because ultraviolet rays will destroy the cell structure and make the skin aging rapidly, so it is very important to build such a natural protective layer for your skin.

don't think that sunscreen is only needed in summer, or only for fear of tanning. Sunscreen is the homework that any beauty loving woman should do at any time. In addition, selenium in eggs can also reduce your risk of skin cancer. Therefore, to protect your skin, you should eat two eggs or take selenium tablets every day.

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