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How can mature women quickly save their skin after vacation

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The skin of



is difficult to withstand some "torture", so how to save it when the skin encounters problems? During the


holidays, staying up late to watch dishes, surfing the Internet, eating and drinking, traveling abroad, acclimatized... Dark circles under the eyes, persimmon face, acne, fine lines and tired face at the corners of the mouth... All will come to the door, leaving you very "face lost". How can you quickly save your mess? 30-year-old woman's skin can not be slighted! Take a look at the SOS suggestions of experts and get ready for the upcoming 11 long holiday!

regular work and rest Oh, never stay up late again

I. response: dark circles and bags under the eyes (mixed skin)

1. Skin emergency: dark circles and bags under the eyes.

my husband and I made full preparations before the holiday, bought enough snacks and prepared enough CDs. But for four or five days, when black and white were reversed, my skin began to have a crisis: my cheeks were dry, the most important thing was that I had a pair of panda eyes, and the pouch was unknowingly enlarged. God, what can I do-- Tianjin Sutong, 28 years old

2. Products recommended by experts: anti time and space activating and beautifying eye cream; OLAY OLAY clear and bright eye essence 15g.

3. Comments from beauty experts: "staying up late with eyes" directly leads to dark circles and bags under the eyes. Such a life scene will appear in many families without children. Without children, there is no concern. Therefore, after staying up one night, I always feel that there is still the next day to rest, but I stay up late again the next day. As a result, the skin will only suffer greater damage, not to mention the eye is the weakest link.

4. Tips from beauty experts:

A. work and rest regularly. Don't stay up late again.

B. use some eye creams to eliminate dark circles and eye bags.

C. The effect will be more significant if you do intensive eye mask care at night. Too many gatherings of


will inevitably make the skin unbearable.


2. Response: tired look caused by excessive fatigue (mixed skin)


1. Skin emergency: dull and dull skin, swollen and blistered eyes and rough skin. At the beginning of the


long holidays, my husband and I arranged a full schedule. We visited relatives during the day and invited some long lost friends to happy in the evening. After a few days of continuous "Carnival", my skin was unbearable: dry and fine lines were obvious, especially my face was invisible, gray and dull, like recovering from a serious illness-- Shanghai Liu Yuting 30 years old

2. experts recommend products: Lancome Lancome Water Margin Essence Mask; DIOR moisturizing silk soft foundation liquid 25ml.

3. Beauty expert comments: too many parties make the skin unbearable, resulting in "skin fatigue syndrome". Before the holiday, many people hope to give their skin a chance to recuperate, but when the holiday comes, the original intention will change. There are so many relatives and friends waiting, so many recreational activities want to play enough at one time, and the vicious circle of 7-day holiday.

4. Tips from beauty experts:

A. you should start maintenance three days before work.

B. some glow products with immediate effect can be used. When you go out, with some makeup, you can save your face.

eat and sleep in moderation

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