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Teach you the correct steps to protect your hands and bid farewell to your dry hands

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many MM's hand skin has not received corresponding attention and care, so many people's hand skin has a variety of different problems, such as dry and rough hand skin, cracking and barbs at the edge of nails, etc. To have a pair of delicate and beautiful hands, hand care is also necessary. Now, let's learn the correct hand care!

do you need special care for your hands?

let's do a small test first to see if you need hand care:

1. Unfold your hand and you see:

a. the texture of your hand is fine, and you can't even see hand lines in some places.

B. the texture of the hand is many and thick, and there are even deep textures on the back of the hand.

2. Look at your palm, you can see:

a. the color is balanced from the center of the hand to the tip of the finger, white and red.

B. the color of the finger and the intersection of the finger root and the palm is yellow than that of the palm.

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have beautiful faces, which is the dream of all women, but not every woman has such good congenital conditions. Don't worry. I'll teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge, Beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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