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How to maintain skin after the age of 25

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women are beautiful when they are young, but once they are over the age of 25, they should take good care of their skin.

when they are 25, in addition to the trouble of dry skin, they may also be accompanied by oil and occasional small acne in the T area. This is the turning point of your skin. If you don't pay attention to care and cleaning, your skin will become a disaster area in an instant...

care plan for 25-year-old skin: cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen

oil-water balance is the most important.

tea tree oil has both decontamination and moisturizing effects, and can be used as cleaning and moisturizing for young skin. If you often fly or often sit in an air-conditioned office, you'd better prepare a product containing tea tree oil to avoid "drought" on your skin and avoid acne due to too greasy.

deep cleansing mild cleanser

cleansing has always been the focus of skin care. Due to the strong skin secretion and metabolism at this age, a mild cleanser with deep cleansing effect is essential. It can help you completely remove makeup and greasy residual dirt, prevent blackheads and coarse pores, and let your skin breathe and moisturize fully.

residual acne problems

if you often have acne and acne problems, then the acne water needs to be used at the moment. Because just after cleansing, when the skin pores are still breathing normally and have no burden, the anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti acne effect of pox water can play the best. However, acne water usually makes the skin dry, so the subsequent moisturizing work is more important.

searches skin for 25 years old skin,

1. Biotherm oxygen purifying Massage Essence: effectively eliminates toxins accumulated in epidermal cells and impurities in the internal circulation of skin, and protects against the effects of city pollution on skin, so that the skin can regain freedom. 550 yuan 2. Illume Yinghuan water locking cream: help activate active water energy, continuously inject a large amount of water, smooth dry lines and fine lines, and make the skin hydrated and bright. 300 yuan 3.H2O Oasis Cleansing cleansing remover: contains sea salt and a variety of seaweed moisturizing essence, which can replenish moisture and moisturize skin at the same time of cleansing. 4. Eliza boyarden water sense 24-hour lasting moisturizing milk: it can deeply lock the skin surface moisture, effectively prevent the skin moisture loss, and achieve the lasting moisturizing effect all day. 420 yuan

TIPS:25 year old makeup skills

> 1. choose a transparent transparent foundation with good air permeability. When used, you can mix mineral water spray or mix the foundation with moisturizing milk to get the makeup effect.

2. black mascara and soft lip gloss combination of youth invincible.

◆ 3. Boldly try the hot pearl white, light gold and tropical fruit color with strong Mediterranean vacation style this season, which can be combined according to the changes of clothing.

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