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What little tricks can you do to make up so that it won't hurt your skin

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make-up will make our women more beautiful, but make-up also hurts our skin. So what can we do to make-up not hurt our skin?

when there are suspicious redness, acne and peeling on our face... Our first reaction is to use the wrong cosmetics. Indeed, improper makeup methods or makeup choices will bring disastrous consequences to the skin. How should we avoid harm?

, a component that needs to be careful,

a screw breaks a pot of soup. Some components in make-up are easy to cause skin problems. In addition to looking at the instructions, it is very necessary to try before purchase and consult the beauty consultant:

1. Be alert to the light sensitive substances in cosmetics, which will cause inflammatory reaction to the skin under the sun exposure.

2. Some synthetic chemicals, such as pigments and spices, will stimulate the skin and cause pruritus and neurodermatitis.

3. Cosmetics containing heavy metals such as lead, chromium, molybdenum and cadmium will be absorbed by the skin and accumulate in the body, causing toxic reactions.

4. Oily cosmetics should not be excessive, because the oil in them will absorb the dust in the air, resulting in the blockage of sweat gland mouth and hair follicle mouth, resulting in bacterial reproduction, folliculitis and acne.

two carefully selected cream

cream really can separate the skin and make-up?

isolation cream refers to the cream used before makeup. Its main purpose is to make the skin easier to apply makeup, easy to apply evenly, and prevent makeup removal after applying makeup. This function is not only isolated cream, general emulsion or cream also has such effect, but the cream contains some non fat and high fat soluble other ingredients to help the extension and attachment of make-up, but it is very difficult to isolate makeup.


make-up sunscreen are more attractive.


sometimes we blame the damage from ultraviolet rays on the make-up. The skin under the sun is very fragile. The usual sunscreen practice is to use sunscreen first, but then ignore the sunscreen function of facial makeup. And lip sunscreen, almost no effective means. Therefore, the color makeup series with sunscreen care is very important. Experts suggest that the SPF value of sunscreen makeup is 15, because this value can isolate more than 90% of ultraviolet rays and will not bring a great burden to the skin. If you can combine vitamins and some special moisturizing ingredients with anti-aging effects, you will not only be able to protect yourself from sun protection, but also keep your skin healthy.


four do not allow eyeliner to stimulate eyes


. Many ophthalmologists have made serious warnings: avoid wearing Eyeliner inside the eyelash line too close to the surface of the eyeball. Because of this, you may accidentally injure your eyes, and eyeliner tools or supplies may also cause infection by accidentally touching the surface of the eyeball, especially when the tool has not been cleaned. From the perspective of make-up effect, the eyeliner painted in the eyelash line has no what is the real effect. Because it is too close to the eyes, it will make the eyes look smaller; And the corner of the eye can easily be stained with residual eyeliner.

five carefully for eyelash bottoming


make-up experts say, the more multi-layer mascara can flicker the charm of the eyes, yet heavy pressure makes eyes full of burdens, while the staining factor in mascara will also damage fine eyelashes. Eyelashes are like hair. Every surface is covered with layers of hair scales. Before the mascara is used, the mascara is used for bottoming, which not only helps fill the holes between scales, but also protects the eyelashes from being hurt by external forces when they are rubbed. At the same time, it can maintain a beautiful radian, and the mascara is not easy to fade. The

six makeup remover is beautifully full of


below two situations. It is necessary to use the remover:


1. wipe the foundation, and color cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc., whether it is heavy makeup or light makeup.

2. Use sunscreen and isolation cream (especially products with the function of modifying skin color).

seven clean up the cosmetic bag


. Finally, clean up the cosmetic bag to minimize the possibility of injury:


avoid using the lasting lipstick to make the lips feel drier.


eliminate products with more than two years, especially those with peculiar smell;

throw away brushes whose bristles have begun to fall and used powder puffs or sponges;


liquid cosmetics should be eliminated if sediment is found;


products that have not been used in the past 6 months are also eliminated, even if some are beautiful colors that you have been reluctant to use. Because you have no chance to use it before, and you will basically not use it in the future;

some colors don't work on your complexion at all. They may be too light or inconspicuous. Please also eliminate them.

products with strong luminous components should be used with caution.

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