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Do you understand some misunderstandings of using eye cream

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when looking at a woman's age, the first thing to look at is the eyes. The eyes are the most wrinkled part, so it is very important to learn to use eye cream.

do you know what part an experienced beautician will look at the customer at the first sight? It's the eyes. Because the eye skin is the thinnest skin of the human body and the part with the most frequent activities, and it is also the place where the skin is pulled the most times in makeup. It is very easy to grow wrinkles, and once it grows, it is difficult to eliminate it. No one wants their beautiful eyes to give birth to annoying fish tails early. Learn to take care of your eyes from using eye cream!

five misunderstandings of using eye cream

1. Starting to use eye cream after the age of 25

for most office girls, it is inseparable from the work of computers for a moment. The leisure time occupied by newspapers and television CDs, coupled with the use of heating and air conditioning for a longer and longer time, makes the eye muscles tired, Maybe before the age of 25, wrinkles come to "meet" you early.


2, and cream instead of eye cream


, the skin around the eyes can be different from other skin. It is the most thin part of facial skin and the lowest distribution of skin glands. It can not bear too much nutrition. Therefore, the most fundamental purpose of eye cream is to quickly absorb and properly nourish, and never use oily cream to replace eye cream to increase unnecessary burden on the eyes.

3. Use eye cream to remedy

after the appearance of crow's feet, eye bags and black circles. Many people use eye cream because the first fine lines appear in the corners of the eyes, or the eyelids are puffy and have obvious black circles or eye bags. But for wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes, using eye cream can only prevent the eyes from aging more quickly, which is equivalent to "mending the lost sheep". Therefore, the best time to use eye cream is when wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes have not yet been produced!

4. Use eye cream only in the corners of the eyes

use eye cream because crow's feet appear in the corners of the eyes, but do you know that the aging of the upper and lower eyelids is earlier than that of the corners of the eyes? Don't neglect their maintenance because the symptoms are not obvious crow's feet at the corners of your eyes. Moreover, because the eye skin is very thin, too much eye cream can not be absorbed, but will cause a burden and accelerate skin aging. So you can only use "two grains" the size of mung beans at a time. Remember, first apply eye cream and then apply face cream. When you apply cream, you must avoid the skin around your eyes. , , , and 5. It is universal without classification.


after recognizing the importance of eye cream, people often go to the cosmetics counter, pick up an eye cream with satisfactory quality, packaging and price, take it and leave. This is a big mistake. There are many kinds of eye creams for different ages and different eye problems. Before buying eye cream, you must first understand what kind of eye problems you have, and then buy it on demand, so as to save money and not solve the "face" problem.

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