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The charm of an old woman's eternal youth

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all say that it is a watershed for women to reach the age of 35. When women reach the age of 35, the rate of aging begins to accelerate and the metabolic rate slows down. This is indeed the case. With the growth of age, the number of free radicals in the human body increases, resulting in the gradual oxidation of various organs, thus accelerating the speed of aging. After the age of 35, the muscle mass in our body generally decreases by 5% every 10 years, and the metabolic rate of the human body is also decreasing year by year. Therefore, if you do not take any measures to prevent it, your weight will increase, resulting in fat accumulation and the emergence of small belly. How can you make yourself physically and mentally healthy?

of course, this is only physical. Psychologically, many women over the age of 35 begin to have some unhealthy reactions. At the same time, we can often see that even at the age of 40 and 50, women who will brighten people's eyes, whether from the elegance of speaking, the beauty of posture, and the beauty of skin, are envious and make people want to get close.

so why is there such a big gap between women and men? How can you make yourself physically and mentally healthy?


are today's themes, not to have something, but to learn to lose something.

the first thing is to lose the bad eating habits

. First, you are no longer young and don't care about your body.


many women feel that when their husbands have children, they don't need to deliberately keep fit, and their husbands don't dislike being fat. They get fat only after giving birth to a baby to a man. No wonder they themselves. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Postpartum will make some women fat, but having children is not the reason for women to get fat. Women's postpartum obesity is mostly caused by the wrong diet, the traditional thinking of the elderly and not paying attention to exercise.

and my husband really doesn't care about your figure? no, it isn't! Just because we are his relatives and his lovers, we don't care. If you have a star like figure, they are certainly happier. Think about it. I hate myself in the face of my bloated body, not to mention others? So I say loving beauty and keeping fit is definitely a manifestation of women's love for themselves, which can make you more confident and charming.

2. Throwing away is not waste, eating is waste.

most female friends, after having a family and children, have developed a habit of collecting dishes or eating the rest of their children's snacks. If some of the remaining meals are not eaten, they are responsible for cleaning and eating them all, regardless of whether they are full. They blindly think that the next meal is not worth reheating and throw away the waste. Here I make a special correction. Throwing away is not a waste! Think about it. If you eat it, what you eat is only extra fat and calories. It may also lead to the occurrence of various diseases, such as obesity, fatty liver, dyslipidemia, hypertension and so on. You have to spend more money on treatment, and throw away what you can't eat. Which is more cost-effective to eat or throw away? Just think about it.

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