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Warm tonic method for solving skin dryness in winter

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in autumn and winter, the climate is dry. Not only people are easy to get angry, but also their skin is full of problems. These symptoms are called "dryness" in autumn and winter. The emergence of these symptoms, not only from the external skin care, but also for the internal environment to regulate, in order to fundamentally protect the skin. The truth is the same whether it's the body or the skin.

water replenishment is uninterrupted

from autumn to winter, the water content in the air is also gradually decreasing. Therefore, water replenishment has also become an important work. It is well known that everyone should drink enough 8 cups of water every day. However, for the puffy "cold and cold" constitution, it is better to drink warm water instead of cold water. Daily skin care time should also be more skin care and water beating. If there are sensitive symptoms of dry itching, you can add a bottle of mineral spray after skin care water, gently pat until absorbed, then continue the skin care process of essence and emulsion, which can effectively help skin replenishment.

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