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Water replenishment plan to prevent dryness in winter

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  No matter what type of skin you are, you need to be careful to prevent dryness in winter. For oily skin, you should be careful about the dryness in the outside oil, while for mixed skin, you should be careful to deal with the coexistence of dryness and oiliness in the T area; For dry and neutral skin, be careful that the moisture of the whole face is blown away by the cold wind in winter. Have you worked out the water replenishment plan for preventing dryness in winter? Now come and find a good way to eliminate dryness for your dry desert skin!

replenish water and prevent dryness in winter

first, you must understand the nature of your skin and the composition and function of moisturizing skin care products. Not all skin care products with moisturizing ingredients or moisturizing functions can be used. Some moisturizing ingredients are used in spring and summer, but they are not suitable for autumn and winter; Moreover, the of moisturizing products suitable for different ages and different skin types are also different. Sometimes, just replenishing water to change dry skin is not only ineffective, but counterproductive. The moisturizing principles of


can be roughly divided into the following categories. Let's decompose them one by one and find out how to apply the right medicine to the case to save the skin's thirst.

1. Prevent skin moisture evaporation:

skin care products contain such ingredients. For example, Vaseline will form a natural barrier on the skin to prevent the loss of moisture in the skin. It is not easy to dissolve in water and can be attached to the skin surface for a long time, while protecting the skin from external invasion.

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