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8 habits make your skin worse and worse

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 9 0

before going to bed every night, you may say to yourself, "tomorrow is another beautiful day." then, what about the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even 10 years later? What else to do? It's entirely up to your daily beauty habits.

1. Frown

you can't frown and frown at anything. It's easy to have wrinkles. Smile, ten years young.

2. Surfing the Internet all night

all night is a taboo for women. Surfing the Internet is even more forbidden. The radiation of computers does great harm to our skin and is easy to get old. So think about going to bed early for yourself in the future!

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[[editor's recommendation: the best way to prevent dryness in winter]]

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