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Do you massage your eyes

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a woman's age is often best reflected in her eyes, so how to make your eyes no longer expose your age?


eye care have always been difficult to overcome. Not only suitable for their own eye cream is difficult to choose, even if you pick the right one, can you just apply it casually? No, a good eye cream must be combined with the correct use method to solve the difficult problems such as eye edema, dark circles and wrinkles. Sometimes the method is even more important than the eye cream itself. Now show you the eye cream and application methods recommended by experts!

step1: first take an appropriate amount of eye cream on the ring finger and control the amount according to the texture of the eye cream. After gently opening it, gently tap the skin around the eyes with the ring finger in the direction of the arrow, pay attention to the position of each point, the weight of eye cream should be as average as possible, and the key positions such as corners of the eyes should not be omitted.

Step2: then, with the ring finger in the direction indicated by the arrow, lift the curve from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid. This action needs to be repeated 5 times, and the direction must not be reversed, because this is helpful for pulling and tightening the skin of the eyes, effectively preventing laxity, and is essential for the old maintenance.

Step3: apply the upper and lower eyelids successively with the ring finger, and gently apply it from inside to outside to smooth the eye skin. The upper and lower eyelids three to four times each until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. Pay attention to the gentle force to avoid allergies and redness around the eyes caused by friction.

Step4: finally, relax the eyes properly. Gently press the center of the eyebrow with your finger abdomen to feel the complete relaxation around the eyes. Each person may have different smearing order, but in general, it is recommended that you apply eye cream after applying facial emulsion.

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