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Take you to know the little knowledge of fat particles around the eyes

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are you worried about the fat particles around your eyes? Look at the following text, maybe you will have a general understanding of fat particles.

the problem of fat particles around the eyes has always been a headache. I don't know when it will come out, and I don't know when the small white particles will fade. Even with the freshest eye care products, the situation has not improved. Seeing the needs of everyone around us, we decided to explore deeply and help you dismantle the "illegal buildings" around your eyes. Dialogue between


medical experts explore the misunderstanding of fat particles


misunderstanding 1: the production of fat particles is like getting fat after eating too much, which is due to excess nutrition, such as applying moisturizing eye cream. Positive solution of


: the scientific name of fat particles is miliary papules. In fact, it is a benign skin lesion, which has no direct causal relationship with what kind of cosmetics to use. The causes of its formation are also very complex, some are related to heredity, and some are caused by micro damage of skin or skin diseases. Misunderstanding 2 of


: fat particles are exclusive around the eyes, so you only need to take care of the eyes. Positive solution of


: it really occurs in the eyes, specifically around the eyelids. However, if we are careful, we will find that there will also be in the forehead, cheeks, external ears and other parts, but we are used to focusing on the eyes, or mistaking the fat particles in other parts for other things. This may also have something to do with the subconscious concept, because what we have been receiving is the education that "fat particles are those small white spots around our eyes". Misunderstanding 3 of


: fat particles must be related to cosmetics. Otherwise, why do my fat particles go from good to bad? I changed cosmetics between them. Positive solution of


: according to authoritative medical research, no cosmetic component will directly lead to fat particles. If there is a relationship between them, their relationship should be as follows: cosmetic component damage → skin damage → secondary fat particles.

fat granule PK moisturizing eye cream

put these two on the PK stage because they are often regarded as hostile relations, but is this really the case?


if you have to connect fat particles with cosmetics, moisturizing eye cream is definitely not the enemy of fat particles. Although we have a set of perfect inferences that moisturizing eye cream can not be well absorbed by the periocular muscles because of its strong composition and texture, it will accumulate into fat particles over time. This inference seems to be correct, because it recognizes that fat particles may be the accumulation of some things. Unfortunately, the fat particles are not fat, but abnormal cutin. The commonly known fat particles are actually a pictographic expression, because the first thought of the extruded white things in our mind is fat. In fact, its real face is cutin accumulation.

cutin is a process of renewal in the skin. Irregular life, seasonal changes and hormonal effects will change the rate of cutin metabolism. Therefore, cutin accumulation is definitely not as simple as malabsorption and uncleanness.

the fact is that the eye skin is very thin, just like soaking a thin piece of paper with oil, so the absorption of cosmetics is the best, so rich texture can also be well absorbed. At the same time, due to the frequent activities here, eye creams with rich texture are more needed, because they can help regulate the eye skin like lubricants, and eye creams with rich nutrients can also adjust the constitution of this sensitive area, making them healthier from the inside, internal health and external problems will naturally be reduced. This is why some people will not adapt when they first use eye cream with rich nutrition and texture, but they will be completely changed if they insist on using it.


come out again. Why do we mistakenly think that rich eye cream will promote fat particles? We should start with our own way of using eye cream. The massage time of rich eye cream is often much longer than that of refreshing eye cream, because we are always afraid of poor absorption, but inspired by this idea, we will unconsciously increase the massage, which is easy to cause unnecessary damage to the fragile skin around the eyes, Fat particles are often secondary to skin injury. Therefore, moisturizing eye cream is often a black pot for users' own mistakes.

the correct application method of eye cream

massage clockwise along the inner corner of the eye, upper eyelid, eye tail and lower eyelid, and the strength should not be pulled. Even 3-5 circles of rich eye cream are enough. If you are not sure, you can apply it in a point pressing manner, but pay attention to the strength and coverage of the finger belly to make the nutrients penetrate into the inner layer evenly, When nutrients cannot be evenly distributed, it will also lead to excessive nutrition in some parts of the skin, while the other part is lack of nutrition, which may lead to skin endocrine and metabolic disorders, and may also trigger fat particles.

how should we prevent fat particles

as mentioned above, there are two ways to produce fat particles, congenital and acquired. If it is a congenital factor, it has a lot to do with your physique and heredity. It can't be reversed in a general way. The acquired factors are mostly due to the micro damage of the skin, which produces lesions and closed fat particles during the healing process. For example, stretching the skin during massage or exfoliation will cause skin damage, and this damage is generally difficult to find.


in the usual nursing process, we should pay special attention to the subtle damage of the skin or the manipulation of massage. When you use the product, if there is a slight tingling, your skin may have been damaged. At this time, you should pay special attention not to let the skin care products cover the wound too much. There are also popular massage techniques. The strength and position should be correct, otherwise it is easy to hurt the skin by mistake.


in the final analysis, the basic moisturizing work must be a key project to be paid attention to all seasons. If the foundation of the skin is laid well, the absorption and discharge will be smooth, and the strong skin is not easy to be damaged by external forces, the probability of wound will be greatly reduced, and the problem of fat particles will naturally be alleviated https://www.dailyq-a.com/Cosmetology/490.html

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