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Have you noticed the small details of daily care

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in order to maintain a young body, detail care is very important. Let's take a look at this knowledge. Young skin can always resist the scrutiny of details. If the faint appearance of fine lines around the eyes makes people nervous, then neck lines, orange peel, butterfly sleeves and increasingly dry skin are definitely the alarm bells of skin aging. In addition to using special body care products, there are some small details you are not aware of. You can't help paying attention to!

details No.1

expand the scope of nursing don't be stingy

why does the chest sag and the hip line blur? Not only does the chest or hips themselves become loose and loose, but also the skin that pulls them loose. We have several such "traction belts" on our body, such as chest skin, waist skin, etc. Many times, the effect of buying and using local shaping products is not obvious. Body care experts say, "most people don't apply it widely enough!" usually people only care about the neck, chest, buttocks and legs themselves, and the skin pulling these important parts also needs extra care. For example, chest products must be applied to the chest and shoulders. Neck products should take care of the intersection of chest and neck, and the waist of leg products should also be taken care of, and the dosage should be doubled, and the massage time should be doubled!

details No.2


Body Lotion distinguishes between


according to different skin quality and needs, and needs to select different texture of body care products.

light emulsion: if your skin oil secretion is exuberant, light body lotion is a good choice. The moisture content of the emulsion is high, and the oil content is relatively small. It adds moisture to the skin and does not bring greasy and burdens at the same time. At the same time, it is more suitable for the back and chest to prevent acne caused by too greasy.


moisturize cream: if you use body lotion for a few hours, your body will become dry, indicating that your skin moisture metabolism machine has been slipped. You can try body cream when you are short of water. There are more oil in cream, and the effect of water locking is better than that of emulsion. It is also more suitable for dry parts such as arms and legs.

nutrition essence: with age, sebum secretion is gradually weakened. If your skin is extremely dry, using cream is not enough to quench thirst. Collocation cream can be collocation with cream before it is cream. It is a high nourishment for the body. It should be noted that the essence of replenishment must be matched with emulsion or cream to lock the active ingredients into the skin.

Body Oil: if you like the feeling of pampering yourself when massaging your skin and want to get a more perfect moisturizing effect, body oil is the best choice. The body oil is mainly oil based, and has better water locking effect than cream. It is very suitable for partial use in very dry parts, such as heels and elbows. Massage gently on the skin, and the skin will become particularly smooth.

details No.3

exfoliate twice a week to help skin exercise

maybe you think the skin hidden under clothes doesn't need to exfoliate often, but this idea is very wrong. The exfoliation of the body is not only a simple deep cleaning, removing old waste sebum and accelerating the absorption of follow-up maintenance products. When frosted particles are rubbed back and forth on the surface of the body skin, it is also a good way to promote metabolism and help the skin exercise. If you use slimming products, you can also eliminate excess fat, so as to reduce the incidence of "butterfly sleeves" and "swimming circles". Scrub twice a week is the best frequency. More skin is easy to become thinner and less horny accumulation. You can choose some mild scrub products.

details No.4

"wet body" is the best. How can

make the moisturizer work best? Although you know it's after taking a bath, GH tells you that you must take it within 3 minutes after taking a bath! This is because just after taking a bath, the water on the body surface has not completely evaporated, and the oil in the moisturizing products can seal these water on the skin surface to achieve a better moisturizing effect. If there is no bath, it is recommended to take some toner and apply moisturizing lotion to the body to promote absorption. Fragrance body lotion can also double the fragrance retention effect when applied in wet conditions.

details No.5

bathing can also get younger and younger.

can use dead sea halo with high concentration of minerals and trace elements and bath oil to deeply nourish the skin. The choice of bath oil can be determined according to individual skin and physiological conditions. Generally speaking, coconut oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil are the best choices for dry skin in winter. In addition, some pure plant essential oils can be added to strengthen the physiotherapeutic effect of bathing. The following essential oils are good choices:

Lavender: reduce pressure and help sleep.

grapefruit: weight loss and whitening.

juniper berries: diuresis, detoxification, decompression, help sleep.

Rose: it can, nourish and maintain skin.

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