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In the face of different tanning and whitening methods are also different

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it is inevitable that your skin will be tanned in summer, so how to whiten the tanned skin?

tanning is also true or false! I don't know if you have noticed. Sometimes when we are exposed to the sun or sunburn, our skin color begins to darken and blacken after only ten minutes. In the heart is worrying, only after spraying the ice to cool down, the skin spontaneously and spontaneously slowly came back. This situation is called fake tanning. Really tanned, it's not so easy to whiten. From the true and false tanning, we can judge the amount of melanin in the body, and the whitening methods are naturally different. Why does


tanning have authenticity? It turned out to be a little trick played by melanin. Melanin has the effect of protecting the skin. If the skin is stimulated by ultraviolet rays, the melanin originally existing in the body will gather to form a shield to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays. When the danger is over, melanin will slowly disperse, which forms false tanning. If tanning occurs three or four days after exposure or sunburn, it is that UV activates melanin mother cells to produce new melanin. Such tanning is true, and it is not easy to whiten. False tanning in


indicates that there is more aged melanin scattered in the body. It is impossible for old melanin to be wiped out quickly with whitening essence or whitening mask. It is necessary to strengthen the skin metabolism every day and steadily remove the old black pigment remaining in the stratum corneum. Whitening products containing salicylic acid, fruit acid and a acid derivatives are recommended for continuous use.


are really tanned, so they have to compete with melanin for time. The formation of new melanin takes about three or four days. During this period, it is the best whitening policy to use blocking and reducing whitening products to first inhibit and neutralize immature melanocytes. However, blocking and reducing whitening products are generally acidic and cause great irritation to the skin. If the skin is sunburned, the primary task is to cure sunburn. At least wait until the redness disappears before using whitening products.

three whitening methods for the poor

1. Distiller's grains warm water, use an appropriate amount of warm water to open the frozen distiller's grains (be careful not to adjust it too thin), and then apply it on your face for 8 minutes. However, try it on your hand first. Allergy is not good!

2, sweet fermented glutinous rice, take the right amount of sweet rice wine, and grind the rice inside, then put the compressed mask or mask paper down to absorb it, and a whitening mask will be completed. About 10-15 minutes on the OK ~ remember to try Oh!

3. Sake makeup water. The sake we drink when we eat Japanese food is also a good helper for whitening. After washing your face, just put sake on your face with a cotton pad. After it is absorbed, apply night cream and other maintenance products


. Several materials above are relatively cheap and easy to find. Sisters might as well try it. However, because these contain alcohol, you should try them first, and pay attention to avoid your eyes. Whitening principle of


: because they contain acid, that is, yeast similar to pitera, they have whitening effect ~


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