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Skin care method of sleeping late mm

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if you want to have good skin, it's natural to go to bed early. However, many times we have to work overtime and can't rest until midnight. At this time, we should do more detailed and reasonable skin care work, so as to make the skin that goes to bed late as tender as water. However, how should I care for staying up late? Let's see it now!

21 days to develop the good habit of going to bed late nursing

according to psychologists, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Therefore, in these 21 days, you must tell yourself to stick to it and never give up halfway. By the end of 21 days, you will find that your skin has undergone obvious transformation, and these good habits have been formed naturally.

1. Go to bed late and don't wash

traditional Chinese medicine believes that skin maintenance should comply with the changes of environment and body state. Therefore, don't wait until bed to clean the skin. Try to advance the cleansing time to reduce the skin burden and prevent acne. Cleansing may wish to use a two in one cleanser that can remove makeup and clean at the same time, and clean it in 2 minutes. Some cleansers containing fruit acid or salicylic acid have significant deep cleaning effect. Salicylic acid, in particular, is the only complex component that can really go deep into hair follicles for cleaning. It can improve the metabolism of keratinocytes, reduce the accumulation of waste and toxins on the skin surface, and keep you away from your tired face even if you go to bed late.

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