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Grasp the golden time of moisturizing in winter

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in dry winter, if you ignore the moisturizing work, it is bound to cause a serious skin crisis for your skin. So, how should you moisturize in winter? Now let's learn the effective winter moisturizing strategy. Grasp the golden time of moisturizing every day and let the skin moisturize through the cold winter!

moisturize and brighten the skin in the morning. The

skin also has a biological clock. Under the influence of human circulation, the "state" and "task" of the skin in 24 hours are different. Among them, the skin is in the most water deficient state in the morning. Because our cells need to consume water in the body and skin during night renewal or metabolism, we will feel thirsty and dry skin when we get up in the morning. At this time, we'd better take some time to make a simple moisturizing water film with moisturizing moisturizing lotion and cotton pad after cleansing, and apply it for about 10 minutes. Then apply the day cream to help the skin replenish and lock water quickly, and let the skin glow with the first light!

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