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Three doors must be guarded for moisturizing and water locking in winter

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in winter, if you want your skin not to be dry and rough, the first thing is to moisturize and lock water, but how can you really moisturize effectively? Here, I will teach you the three most effective water locking methods, so that you can tightly lock the water in the depths of your skin and prevent your skin from becoming dry and rough.




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lock the three doors of water, and the real long-term moisturizing


have become commonplace today, such as the dispute over texture, the proportion distribution of water and oil, and the concept of when and where to replenish water. The so-called life two, two born three, three born all things. Laozi's philosophy also has a new interpretation in today's skin moisturizing war. The new water locking concept breaks through the old method of single skin water locking, but is fortified layer by layer from the inside to the outside of the cell: first, use new technology moisturizing water locking agent to tightly protect the water in the stratum corneum; On this basis, the effective ingredients are used to block the damage of external damage to the skin's water storage capacity; Under this dual framework, the deep nourishing ingredients are used to stimulate the cells' own moisturizing ability and make the skin in an ideal state of water and oil balance - so that a healthy water cycle of the skin can run smoothly after the three levels from the outside to the inside achieve the effect of comprehensive water locking.

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