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Winter skin care knows the way of "refueling"

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among skin care products, there is a special kind of skin care products, they are "oil". This product, called "skin care oil" and "essential oil", looks like transparent and greasy oil. In fact, the oil contains many nutrients that are very useful for the skin. Especially in winter, through skin care oil, the skin can be better protected.

new theory of skin care: there are three reasons for "refueling" skin in winter.

"oil" cleansing can feel that

in the skin care forum area, makeup remover and cleanser have been PK for a long time. What are the essential differences between them? There are different ways to remove dirt. Makeup remover oil is a kind of oil added with "emulsifier", which can easily integrate with makeup oil with strong adhesion and skin secreted oil, and then take away the dirt by emulsification. Facial cleanser has no oil molecules. If it does not rely on "oil" to dissolve makeup, it must rely on interfacial active agents with strong degreasing power and relatively high irritation to separate dirt, which may sometimes stimulate sensitive muscles. Therefore, if you love makeup and belong to oily and sensitive skin, makeup remover must be the first choice.

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