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A fair price whitening method that turns white unknowingly

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many mm spend a lot of money on beauty, whitening products, even skin changes and cosmetic surgery, but the result is often not proportional to the price. In fact, whitening is not so difficult. As long as we focus on the small details of a good life, the cost of one yuan can also be improved a lot. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the cheap whitening method.

1. We have to do the necessary cleaning every morning, and most mm just use some facial cleanser. In fact, the morning is the best time for whitening. After a night's rest, the skin is ready to absorb nutrition. At this time, whitening will get twice the result with half the effort. The specific steps are as follows: first, drink 500ml honey lemon warm water after getting up in the morning. Honey and lemon have the effect of whitening and lightening spots, and mixing with warm water can fully start the intestines and stomach, remove the garbage in the body, and let the toxins in the skin be discharged smoothly.


are the next. When cleaning the face, a little honey and cleansing cream will be mixed. Then the foam net will be used to remove the dirt from the face. The addition of honey will gently whiten the skin. Finally, after cleansing, take a few pieces of cotton pads, put them in moisturizing water and apply them on the dark and yellow parts of the face for about 5 minutes. This dense wet compress not only adds moisture to the skin, but also brightens the complexion and makes the whole person energetic.

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