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Pay attention to 7 moisturizing details in winter skin care

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skin care in winter should moisturize and prevent dryness. How can you keep yourself healthy and moist in the office? In fact, as long as we start from the details, it's not difficult to moisturize in winter! Let's take a look at the seven details of moisturizing in winter!

clean your face with warm water. Pay attention to timing

if you need to wash your face again during the day, such as after exercise, of course there is no problem. But remember to add water after washing. When cleaning, wash your face with warm water first. Be sure to test the water temperature with your wrist before washing your face, because the skin of your wrist is more sensitive to heat than the skin of your palm; Then squeeze the facial cleanser to your fingertips, draw a circle on your face and rub it gently. For 1 minutes, wash the foam with water and don't wait until the face feels tight.

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