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Two maintenance methods for raising delicate naked muscles

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it can be said that no modern woman has the courage to admit that she can't go on a date without makeup. Her usual good face depends on the "makeup" of bottles and cans of cosmetics. The naked muscles without powder can only be left to herself. Tired of the heavy foundation? Learn two master level maintenance methods, so that you can easily have pink and tender skin and become the spokesman of bare muscle.

two essential factors for delicate naked muscle - collagen and antioxidant components

I. people must know the little knowledge of collagen

collagen is known as "bone in bone and skin in skin", which is a strong and powerful backing of the dermis and plays an important role in the skin. Thanks to it, your skin can be so smooth and tender before the age of 24. As long as you can think of, it is almost related to collagen. Its multi-functional performance is moisturizing, nourishing, brightening, firming, wrinkle prevention and repair.

2. People who have reached the level must learn the collagen supplement method

unfortunately, from the age of 25, collagen will be lost from the body with the increase of age. We should supplement additional collagen appropriately. Now the popular supplement methods are as follows:

(1) use skin care products rich in collagen. This is the most effective collagen supplement method at present, and it is also suitable for mm of any age. However, it should be noted that only skin care products containing active collagen can really enter the dermis to help repair the skin and rebuild the collagen layer.

(2) oral food containing collagen. Oral food can be divided into medicinal tonic and dietary tonic. Collagen oral liquid or beverage and capsule can be used for medicinal tonic. Dietary tonic can be obtained by eating bone soup, pig hoof, pig skin, chicken wings, chicken skin, fish skin and cartilage. However, when supplemented by this method, a large part of collagen will be filtered out by the human digestive system, and the amount that can really reach the skin and work is very limited. The process is relatively lengthy and inefficient, so it needs women's long-term persistence.

(3) direct skin shot. It is mainly used to fill deep wrinkles, skin damage (such as youth acne scars) and repair face defects. Its effect is immediate, but the collagen injected into the skin will be gradually absorbed by the human body, so its effect can only last for half a year to a year. It should be noted that a few people may have side effects such as allergy and infection. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a professional plastic surgery hospital for injection to avoid accidents.

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