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5 key facial cleansers that can dispel acne and improve skin quality

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in fact, washing your face is not a simple way to clean your skin. Through appropriate washing methods, you can also improve your skin quality and make your skin reach a better state.

A. skin problems can be solved by washing the face.

especially for the skin with excess oil secretion and insufficient moisture. On the one hand, the excess oil will oxidize, leading to the thickening and hardening of the stratum corneum, hiding dirt and allowing bacteria to breed. Such skin problems can be solved by correct facial washing methods.

B. make good use of the rich additional effects of facial cleansers

today's facial cleansers can not only clean dirt, but also have various additional effects. For example, some can gently remove the keratin containing melanin to achieve the purpose of whitening; Some can clean the oil in the deep pores to prevent acne; Some can remove old cutin and improve dull skin color. A little treatment of skin problems in the facial washing stage can get twice the result with half the effort.

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