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How to whiten facial skin in winter

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winter whitening, do you know what is the real whitening focus? You know, for you who love beauty, winter can be said to be a good season for whitening, and the factors that hinder your whitening are relatively the least. Now, let's take a look with Aimei. In winter, if you want to whiten, you should pay attention to the four key steps!

whitening + exfoliation

our skin metabolizes itself every day, and the cells produced by the basal layer will slowly reach the surface of the skin and then become the keratinocyte layer. The keratinization cycle of the skin is usually about 28 days. Due to factors such as environment, season, ultraviolet rays, abnormal work and rest, etc, Sometimes it will slow the metabolism, so the thicker the cuticle on the surface of our skin, and the excessive accumulation of cutin will make the skin feel no sense of transparency and lose its original elasticity. Therefore, fixed and appropriate exfoliation can remove the dandruff and make the skin more crystal clear. Remove the cutin on the surface of the skin, restore the transparency and beauty of the job, and make the whitening effect more remarkable.

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