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3 ways to first aid your skin immediately before a date

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do you feel overwhelmed in the face of a party with tight preparation time or an unexpected date? Next, Xiaobian will give you the first aid 18 minutes before the date to ensure that you leave an unforgettable impression.




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do not think that make-up water can only be used for routine maintenance. Actually, using make-up water to apply the mask to do intensive maintenance is equally effective. Imagine that the paper film soaked with make-up water is applied to the face, and the water on the paper film slowly penetrates into the skin. When the skin is full of water, it will become tender and smooth within 3 minutes.

step 1: soak the cut cosmetic cotton cloth with water, then screw it gently, drop coin sized cosmetic water, and let it slowly soak the whole cotton cloth.

step 2: tear this cotton cloth soaked in make-up water into 3-5 thin pieces. It's very easy to tear according to the texture of cotton cloth.

step 3: this cotton cloth is more elastic. As long as it is gently pulled, it can cover more parts of the cheek. Apply the mask for three minutes.

STEP 4: make-up water mask is basically on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin five parts. If the time is too long, more than three minutes, the water will evaporate, so the time should be strictly controlled.

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