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Four moisturizing rules for skin to successfully survive the season change crisis

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       From winter to spring, the temperature and humidity go up and down, and the skin condition becomes very unstable. Is your moisturizing method still unchanged? Can the moisturizing products you have been using help your skin survive the crisis? This small series not only allows you to have a deeper understanding of moisturizing methods, but also helps you choose moisturizing products suitable for you.

remove old dead cutin in the right way

key words 1: Horny

the skin expels thick keratin in order to resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays. The cutin at the top layer is squeezed up one after another before it falls off. On the one hand, too thick cuticle affects the refraction direction of light, making the face look dull; On the other hand, it makes the skin texture rough. More importantly, if you don't quickly remove the aged dead cutin in the right way, even if you use the most effective moisturizing products, it is futile, because the thick barrier keeps all moisturizing ingredients out of the door and can't be absorbed by the living cells under the cortex.


should have more effective moisturizing effect. Before any moisturizing care, remove the aged dead cutin first! An effective and safe method of exfoliation depends on different skin properties. Compared with oily scrub particles and acid containing exfoliating facial mask, you can choose gentle gel granules or clay cleansing mask with sensitive skin. Remember that excessive use of this kind of exfoliating products will cause a large loss of the original moisture, lipids and moisturizing factors of the cuticle and make the protective barrier layer of the skin fragile. Generally speaking, people with oily skin have low sensitivity and thick cuticle. Exfoliating products can be used twice a week. On the other hand, people with dry skin are easy to be sensitive. Only a mild exfoliation once a week is enough.

key words 2: water locking

water locking means locking water. It mainly prevents water from evaporating from the skin surface and maintains water. The skin without water locking function will have rough texture, peeling due to dryness, and the face will turn red immediately when blowing. If this happens to you, what can I do?

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