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What small details of the face will show old

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some people look much younger than their actual age, but some people are just the opposite. So what small details on your face will make you look old?

      We often say "actual age" and "skin age". The actual age does not represent your skin age, so we often see that some faces are very different from their actual age. How can you look 20 when you're over 25?

1. The "eight" characters

legal pattern and the eight characters on both sides of the nose are clearly branded on your face. You are really the protagonist of countless women! It looks a little sad and a little old. It is the culprit who exposes his age and can't make people think about youth. The deeper the lines, the older they must be!

2. The complexion is not getting worse, but getting mixed.

uneven skin color is a big problem that makes you look several years old. Don't believe the family photos in the family album. Under the same light, the children's skin is delicate and uniform, but the older generation's face has at least three kinds of chromaticity.

3. The panda eye is OK, and the pouch is the most deadly.

in this way, the dark circles under the eyes will only affect your overall state. It will be dark for two days even if you stay up for a night. However, the pouch has 10 times the lethality and directly puts you in the cold palace of the old state. You have to guard against it!

4. Dark and even direct state age

"no spirit! Dull complexion! 10 years old!" most of these adjectives are used to describe that when the complexion is dark after something happens, the state age leads the complexion to age a lot at once.

5. Put aside freckles, other freckles are all 3 years old.

freckles mostly appear only in the position of cheekbones and nasal bones, and they are as cute as foreign children. Sunburn or dry spots are different. They have a wide range and dark color, and they look absolutely 3 years older than your actual age!

6. The crow's feet around the corners of the eyes are a heart disease. Yes, the crow's feet around the corners of the eyes of


really bloom when they laugh. Don't worry, young girls rarely do this, only women who start to show signs of aging. Therefore, entanglement with crow's feet may not be a good thing.

7. The outline is blurred, but the age is not blurred.

too many people tangle with wrinkles and ignore the outline problem. Quickly check whether the outline of their left and right cheek bones and the section from homeopathy to chin is still very clear. Take a picture of their side face at a glance.

8. The horizontal lines on the neck can't deceive people.

who do you think leaked the age of the star? The horizontal lines on the neck! If you neglect maintenance, no matter how tender your face looks, no one believes that you are still in your 20s!

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