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How to quickly deal with dry skin

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the most common problem of skin is lack of water, so how to quickly remedy the lack of water skin?

No. 1: skin with mild water shortage

editorial diagnosis: there are no dry lines on the skin surface, and there is no obvious tension after facial washing, but they begin to feel uncomfortable with the originally applicable skin care products: or tingling, or greasy, difficult to absorb, and the function and effect are greatly reduced; The color of the skin becomes darker. Source pursuit of


: usually due to the large difference in temperature difference and humidity between outdoor and indoor, the skin is in a state of sudden cooling and heat. It is tired of adaptation, busy, anxious and tired, unable to retain moisture and easy to be sensitive. In order to pursue the feeling of refreshing skin, products with stronger oil control function are selected, and the frequency of skin cleaning is increased; The use of oil control products and water replenishment products are too greasy to avoid, making the skin look fresh but in fact lack of water.


moisturizing plan: when the skin is short of water, the skin sends a signal of self-protection, which expands the pores and releases more oil to protect the skin, resulting in excessive skin oil secretion, making the skin oily, dark complexion and rough touch. At the moment, the most effective way is to remove the aging cutin on the surface of the skin and help the skin return to a moist state. Using clean facial mask or scrub is a very effective technique. If your skin is susceptible to allergy, you can use a small amount of fruit acid products to add a step to your daily skin care, which will help to exfoliate the aged keratin. Finally, of course, there should be no light cream, moisturizing cream or lotion, which will increase the moisture of the skin.

      No. two: moderate water shortage skin

editorial diagnosis: rough skin does not make up, after coating the foundation, fine lines are easy to emerge. After washing the face, they often feel the skin is reddish and tingling. After removing makeup and washing your face, your face is easy to turn red and does not retreat; In places with bad air, it's easy to feel itchy on your cheeks or around your eyes. Source pursuit of


: the skin tissue is damaged due to lack of water. Once encountering irritating substances, it will hurt the skin. After tracing the source, the lack of water on the skin surface causes cracks and looseness of cutin, and the function of resisting external stimulation decreases.


moisturizing plan: the moisturizing feeling and elasticity of the skin are determined by the water content of skin cells. When the water content of cells decreases, there will be gaps between cells, and even subsidence crisis, resulting in what we commonly call water shortage and dry lines. Helping skin cells to increase water content and rearrange the texture between skin cells is a remedy for reversing skin water shortage, dry lines and delaying aging. Make-up water and moisturizing essence can play a very good role, make-up water can help regulate the skin texture, make it more smooth and smooth, and improve the absorbability of subsequent care products. The essence of essence contains high moisture content, which can maximize the ability of skin to absorb and retain water in a short time. In addition, moderate massage can enhance blood circulation and metabolism, activate skin, and have a good effect on improving dryness.

      No. 3: severe water deficient skin

editorial diagnosis: the skin is rough. The pores on the nose first appear thick. Even without any expression, the fine lines become more and more obvious. The fine lines evolve into long and deep dry lines, which can be clearly seen even without powder. The wrinkles on the forehead and corners of the eyes are more looming. In addition to the nose, the pores on the cheeks also become thick, Facial skin often turns red. Source pursuit of


: on the one hand, the more serious water shortage is due to the natural lack of natural water carrying factors, which significantly reduces the skin moisturizing function. If people with dry skin are not maintained properly, it is easy to have this problem in advance; The other may be bad sunscreen habits: for example, often forget to apply it, or do not apply it repeatedly for a long time. In the season with particularly strong ultraviolet rays, occasional mistakes will leave indelible wounds on the skin and burst out in autumn; In addition, insomnia, irritability, tension and various sudden psychological problems will also cause skin vasoconstriction and poor circulation; Sebum secretion is accelerated and cuticle accumulation is accelerated, which affects the absorption of skin care products, resulting in coarse pores and dry skin.

moisturizing plan: proper use of some essential oils can relieve sudden dry skin, such as olive oil or jojoba oil. Once a week, it is used as the base oil for moisturizing mask. At the same time, dry skin is most susceptible to irritation. Do not irritate your skin lightly, use a mild cleanser. Do not use harsh products such as scrub or fruit acid. It is worth noting that we should not only replenish water for the skin, but also improve the water storage capacity of the skin. The water storage capacity of the skin is also related to collagen. The lack of collagen will cause obstacles to the water storage capacity and metabolic capacity of the skin.

      No. 4: super severe water deficient skin


editor's diagnosis: with all the above problems, skin peeling, tingling and other phenomena will occur, and red rash will appear in severe cases. Source pursuit: once your skin is allowed to reach this stage, it is necessary to remind you that in addition to dryness and early aging, sensitivity may also entangle you. No one's skin will suddenly become extremely hungry. The only explanation is that you have never taken any protective measures in previous signals. Source pursuit of


: once your skin is allowed to reach this stage, it is necessary to remind you that in addition to dryness and early aging, sensitivity may also entangle you. No one's skin will suddenly become extremely hungry. The only explanation is that you have never taken any protective measures in previous signals.

moisturizing plan: the cream, essence and facial mask with high moisturizing effect are used at the same time to replenish water quickly. Before the storage capacity of the skin is restored, a layer of Vaseline is added outside the cream to seal the moisture on the surface of the skin and prevent skin allergy.

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