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External use and internal tone completely bid farewell to acne

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       Acne is not only caused by the external environment, but mainly caused by internal problems of one's own body. Therefore, only by taking both inside and outside into account can we completely bid farewell to acne.

      I'm afraid a small acne is the hatred of many mm. A clear and white face is dotted with several annoying acne, and the return rate drops immediately. Therefore, the war against acne is long and difficult.

in order to overcome acne, we should first find out the causes of acne. The formation of acne is based on many aspects, but it is mainly due to excessive oil secretion, excessive local skin keratosis and the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, starting from the reasons, we can have a targeted treatment of our acne.

skincare skills:

1. Cleansing

because many acne are caused by excessive oil secretion, some mm, especially those with oily skin, think they should wash their face more and do a good job of cleaning. Indeed, facial cleaning will effectively prevent acne, but at the same time, improper cleaning methods will make acne more and more serious.

first of all, the face washing time should not be too long, absolutely not more than two minutes. If the facial cleanser stays on the face for too long, it will make the washed stolen goods absorbed back into the pores. In addition, most face washing is accompanied by massage, and the skin of the face will accelerate the absorption of stolen goods, block the pores and lead to closed acne.

secondly, don't wash your face too often. If your skin is oily, it is enough to use facial cleanser once in the morning and evening. Excessive cleaning will make local skin keratosis, which is also the second reason for acne.

finally, the choice of facial cleanser is also very important. Do not use strong degreasing products. After all, the key to anti acne is not to remove oil, but to balance the water and oil of your skin and make the basement membrane healthier. Therefore, it is better to choose conditioning products and mild products to make the skin healthy, and then consider the problem of acne removal.

2, emulsion


. If your acne is serious for some time, please do not rub any makeup water, maintenance products and lotion after washing your face. You can directly rub the ointment to treat acne. Don't wipe the whole face with ointment, only use it locally. After cleansing in the morning and evening, wipe a thin layer first, and then wipe the second layer after the first layer is completely absorbed. Since it is now autumn and winter, if MM does not feel that any skin care product is dry, it can use some moisturizing essence or oil-free lotion to lighten the burden of the skin. Aloe gel is recommended here, especially for mm with oily skin, which has moisturizing power and no oil.

3. Makeup remover

if there is makeup, please mm must do a good job of makeup remover, but do not use makeup remover cotton to remove makeup. Even for healthy skin, the use of makeup remover cotton is more stimulating, not to mention acne skin. When removing makeup, try to use a mild makeup remover, which will be clean.


4. Quick acne removing products


should be used as few as possible, such as Dr. Li and toothpaste application method, which are highly praised in the market. Dr. Li can really eliminate acne quickly, but it mainly depends on the hormone components inside. In the long run, it will stimulate the oil secretion of the skin and make acne more serious. If you want to use the toothpaste application method, you should pay attention to the choice of toothpaste and never choose fluoride toothpaste, because that is one of the culprits of many mm acne.

internal adjustment skills:

1. Dietotherapy

many mm believe that foods rich in oil, such as peanut, chocolate and fried food, are closely related to acne. In fact, according to medical research, these foods have no direct relationship with acne. Instead, foods with high iodine content will cause acne. Therefore, if you are a acne family, please eat less iodized salt, kelp and other high iodine foods.

at the same time, the ve acne treatment method spread on the Internet is very undesirable. Because according to medical research, VE, VB6 and VB12 are easy to lead to acne.

2. The root cause of

acne is endocrine problem, but this problem is reflected in the face. Therefore, the adjustment of life is also very important for war pox. First of all, we should keep enough sleep. Only enough sleep can balance the body and solve the hidden danger of acne internally. Secondly, drink enough water. Water is the spring of life, which can effectively eliminate toxins from the body. When there are fewer toxins in the body, the endocrine will be naturally balanced, and acne will not be so easy to produce. The last is to keep the mood comfortable. Especially in the dry autumn and winter season, a bad mood is easy to lead to vigorous liver fire, and when the liver fire is large, it is easy to cause acne.

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