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8 taboos of skin care

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think that skin care is correct. We don't know that we often cross the border in daily care, and accidentally give in to the taboo in beauty. This not only can not achieve the effect of beauty, but also may backfire and cause serious consequences for the skin.

taboo 1. Save both skin care products and make-up, and often put back the leftover for next use.


analysis: ensure that the beauty cosmetics are clean and do not deteriorate. Be extra careful when making up. Because deteriorated or unclean cosmetics will not beautify the face, but may also pollute the skin, make the skin rough or produce pigmentation. The correct way of


is: when using beauty cosmetics on weekdays, first of all, avoid digging the products in the bottle / box with unclean fingers as much as possible, so as to prevent bacteria from infecting the unused parts inside. It is recommended to use a scoop or powder puff to take the cosmetics required each time; If the cosmetics have not been used up, remember not to put them back in the bottle to avoid contamination. After using cosmetics, wipe the residual stains left at the bottle mouth with a paper towel, and then tighten the cover.

taboo 2. It is dry skin, so you can't use whitening products.


analysis: dry skin has no direct relationship with the use of whitening products, but dry skin must put moisturizing in the first place and ensure the normalization of skin's natural metabolism with sufficient moisture, otherwise the whitening ingredients will not be absorbed by the skin. The better practice of


is that it is best to add whitening essence or night cream at night so that the skin can absorb nutrients fully and gradually show the effect of whitening.

taboo 3. After washing your face every time, you will wipe the water on your face with a towel.

analysis: rubbing rough towels on delicate skin will not only hurt and stimulate the skin, make the skin grow fine lines, but also hide bacteria!

the correct way is: after washing your face, press the water dry with a towel or tissue paper, which is much less harmful to the skin than wiping dry. Especially when you have acne on your face, you must use facial tissue paper instead of towel and suck out water by pressing, so as not to cause bacterial infection.

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