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Saving skin freshness after staying up late for Chinese New Year Carnival

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every Spring Festival, our life will suddenly become rich and happy. There is no pressure of work and the alarm clock that wakes you up every day. Instead, we go back to family, visit relatives and friends, have parties, eat and drink, go home high at noon and night, and wake up naturally... While your body and mind are covered with happiness and relaxation, Perhaps your skin is experiencing many tests brought by the changes of various living habits. Don't be afraid to tell you the secret of how to make your skin as happy as you after staying up late for the New Year! There are 7 types of


and "Spring Festival muscle". Some people live in houses, some are high, and others travel around. Which way do you choose to spend the Spring Festival? In different ways, the challenges faced by the skin are also different. See what kind you are, know yourself and the enemy, and be invincible in a hundred battles, and then find the corresponding key to protect the skin, so that the skin can have a good year with you.

1. "Late nine to five crazy high" type

you were an ol from nine to five, and you were not high during this holiday! Best friends get together, go to a karaoke bar and party animal for a few days.


the skin is faced with: going home in the morning, getting up in the afternoon, missing the beauty sleep, and the makeup on your face accompany you overnight, which aggravates the burden on the skin and weakens the cell vitality. Possible problems of


skin: the most direct and obvious impact is extreme water shortage, dry lines, panda eyes, and dull skin.


protect the skin key


A. of the late nine dynasties and the five type, and stay up until the night. The skin is seriously short of water. You must think about it like your thirsty throat, and let it quench your thirst at home for the first time. A film containing high moisturizing paper is probably the coke on the skin at this time, the low temperature in winter is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients, and a layer of fresh-keeping film or dry towel is added to the mask to enhance the superficial temperature of the skin.

B. pacify eye cold and hot water alternately: the biggest irritation of the skin on the night is probably the delicate circle of the eye, the eye makeup must be thoroughly cleaned, the eye essence and the eye cream rotate alternately and fully massage. If you are really tired, get up the next day and remedy it. Apply cold and hot water alternately on your face, which can improve the dark circles under your eyes and enhance the elasticity around your eyes. It doesn't matter to use cold water or hot water first. The hottest hot water should not exceed 40 degrees. The new supersedes the old. The

C. gives the skin the best way to revive the old night cream. After the night, the skin will also encounter a big problem that affects the vitality of the epidermal cells and the metabolism will slow down. So what you need to do is to use the cream or cream that has the anti aging effect before going to bed to protect and activate its vitality, even if you are a young girl who is 20 years old. Anti aging products are the waking needle for your skin at this time.

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