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Four strategies of Spring Festival skin care

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is about to arrive at the traditional festival of China - the Spring Festival. It is a good day for family and friends to get together. Almost every day, there are delicious and fun things to lure beautiful ladies. However, staying up late, eating fried food, tired entertainment and travel have also become commonplace. However, these are the taboos of beautiful skin. How to prepare in advance? Let's see what Xiaobian supports for you:

the first strategy: moisturizing

the temperature before the Spring Festival is still low, the skin's metabolic capacity is easy to decline, the skin's moisture content and oil content are significantly reduced, the skin's self-regulation function becomes slow, the old corner layer accumulates, and the skin appears dry, dark and spots, Therefore, strengthening skin moisturizing is the focus of holiday skin maintenance.


dry skin: after moisturizing, oily creams need to be supplemented to maintain the function of sebum membrane and reduce water evaporation.


neutral skin: after moisturizing the skin, use the long-lasting moisturizing lotion to retain moisture. Depending on the skin, you need to use oily cream to avoid clogging pores.


sensitive skin: after moisturizing, strengthen the use of products containing moisturizing factors to repair damaged cells.


oily skin: as long as we do a good job of cleaning, we should try to use convergent or long-lasting moisturizing lotion.

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