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[auspicious wedding day] how about getting married on August 15, 2017

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on August 15, many people may think of the Mid Autumn Festival on August 15 of the lunar calendar, but this refers to August 15 of the Gregorian calendar, which is also the Guanlian Festival. If everyone wants to get married, they must want to find a good day, so how about getting married on August 15, 2017? Let's have a look.

良辰吉日 may be interested "what's the point of moving and setting up a bed?

Q: is it good to get married on August 15, 2017? A: not suitable for marriage

Gregorian calendar: Tuesday, August 15, 2017, lunar calendar: June 24, 2017, Ganzhi: year of Ding you, month of Wu Shen, day of Jiashu, zodiac: Chicken Constellation: constellation Leo: Bi YUEWU, The birth God Zhan Fang: the gate chicken lives outside the southwest Pengzu Baiji: A does not open the warehouse, property dissipation, garrison does not eat dogs, go to bed, Chong Sha: Chong Long (e Chen) Sha North 24 solar terms: Autumn (August 7), summer (August 23) Julian day: 2457986.5 [appropriate]: sacrifice, travel, sweep the house, and don't take anything else [avoid] : all things should not be auspicious. Gods should tend to: official day, Liuyi, Yihou, yuede, except God, Yutang, barking dogs, ferocious gods. Avoid: monthly construction, hour, earth house, monthly punishment, disgust with right, swagger, five away festivals: Lunar Festival: Guanlian Festival, Guanlian Festival, old Han Folk Festival. It is popular in some parts of China. It is held on June 24 of the lunar calendar. There are also festivals on June 4 or the sixth day of June. This festival existed in the Song Dynasty and was commonly known as "Lotus birthday" in the Ming Dynasty. There are boating, lotus watching and other activities on this day. Anyone who grows lotus in a pond uses paper as a lamp, puts candles in it, lights it up, puts it on the water and lets it float away to celebrate.

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